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                Express Cabinet | Features

                Create smart courier management terminal for property company, community owners, courier companies,etc, to make courier receiving much conveniently, rich features make your courier receiving safe and sound.

                Server Software

                Intelligent express cabinet server monitoring software

                Terminal Software

                Client terminal service software

                Courier APP

                Courier terminal app, available to check the status of the courier anytime, anywhere.

                User APP

                Customer app, you can check the status of the courier at any time, improve users’ experience.

                WeChat Official Account

                Compatible official account platform software, deeply reach to users

                Android system

                Self-developed express cabinet monitoring platform based on Android system

                17/32 inch touch screen

                High-definition touch screen for users convenience

                Video system

                Equipped with video system, secure completely.

                Product Description

                As a convenient service facility, the community intelligent express cabinet owns the characteristics of high frequency utilization, good connection with users and demands satisfaction. Yusong intelligent express cabinet perfectly solves the existing drawbacks,fits the user experience completely, aim to make the products first-rate.

                Intelligent Express Cabinet

                Software: smart cabinet server software, smart cabinet terminal software, courier APP, user APP

                Hardware: Android 4.4 system, 17/32’ touch screen, Android industrial control board, card reader, video system

                Function: community security, management orderly, owner convenience, privacy protection, courier saves time

                Integrated Services of Smart Community Software and Hardware

                Service Platform: The Smart Community Integrated Service Platform is a convenient and helpful service platform built from multiple dimensions of property, residents, merchants, operators and government.

                Operation Platform: Property or operator starts with building intelligent community, introduces various service providers to realize the services of residents from birth to end, and realizes online and offline interaction. Operators undertake platform construction, merchant access, operation and maintenance,monitor and management service.

                Search and Download Wisdom Community APP (Huiju)

                Smart community APP is a comprehensive service platform for convenience and benefit for people. It covers different dimensions such as property, residents, merchants and government to realize the service of residents from birth to end.

                Download from APP Store

                Download from Android Market