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                Face recognition solution

                Provide a series of express cabinet software and hardware facilities for enterprises, as well as perfect solutions.

                Yusong strength

                Zhejiang Yusong Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent hardware solution provider based on big data applications. From electronic hardware manufacturing to IoT intelligent hardware developer, Yusong has been an Internet of Things technology company with intelligent hardware manufacturing and cloud base big data services provider.

                System structure

                In the system design process, the information sharing requirements of subsystems such as visitors, personnel access, access control, video intercom, and ladder control are fully considered. The subsystems are structured and standardized, and integrated into an complete organic security management platform.

                System composition

                The entry and exit personnel are divided into two categories: internal staff and external visitors. External visitors are divided into two types: reserved visitors and temporary visitors according to the type of registration. The characteristics of various objects are fully considered during system design. The face recognition technology is taken as the core to design the best business process to meet the demands of users.

                The structure of a face system consists of three interconnecting indispensable parts: an internal staff register end,an external visitor registration end, an authentication comparison end, a transmission network end, and a management center end.

                System advantage

                1. Deep learning, high recognition rate, flexible comparison, multiple certifications.

                2. Living body detection, effective anti-counterfeiting, offline operation, safe and reliable.

                3. No need card, self media, blacklist comparison, real-time warning.

                4. Real person verification, can not be replaced, rich product, wide applicability.

                5. Flexible registration, face recognition access, pass records, picture query.