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                Electric bicycle charging and swapping solution

                Safe charging, smart swapping, urban services, smart firefighting, internet of things, big data

                Redefining the electric vehicle charging station

                Zhejiang Province “Thousand Talents Program” special experts jointly initiated enterprise, China Artificial Intelligence Town Key Recommendation Project, China's most competitive brand in the charging pile industry

                System architecture

                Intelligent Control System: Docking to Government and Property Group Supervision Platform

                Intelligent platform: fire warning, power monitoring, temperature alarm, battery failure alarm

                Smart terminal: safe, easy to use, intelligent, one to N socket

                User terminal: safe, convenience, perfect user experience

                Charging in a much safer and simple way

                Unique government and property group supervision platform

                Dynamic and precise self-stop on fully charged,intelligent management of high-power batteries

                Big data optimized charging solution to protect the battery

                The unique company in the industry with big data analysis, software hardware development, production, and national services.

                Splendid Experience

                Safety: high temperature alarm | smoke alarm | overload protection | short circuit protection | leakage protection | stop on full charge

                Intelligent: Battery abnormal warning | Charger fault warning | Power monitoring | Power off memory | Setting power freely

                Convenient: WeChat, Alipay payment | Power station navigation | Diverse billing | Remote recharging recharge