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                Smart community

                Face recognition

                Charging Swapping

                Industry Solutions

                Yusong Technology provides face recognition, smart community express cabinet, fast food cabinet, laundry cabinet, electric bicycle battery charging and swapping,etc integrated solution.

                Our Advantage

                18 years of growth experience, withstand the test of time, integrated project planning, big data analysis and application, software and hardware research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one.

                • Software advantage

                  Dual-software enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, project overall planning capabilities, platform construction capabilities, big data precision algorithms, big data application capabilities.

                • Hardware advantage

                  Domestic excellent embedded software development capabilities, industry application development capabilities, strong technology conversion, project landing capabilities.

                • Product advantages

                  Seamless docking software, hardware deep integration, optimization strategy, professional R & D, manufacturing, inspection and testing, management processes, pursuit of quality before quantity.

                • Service advantages

                  Service outlets across the country, point-to-point pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, 7*24 service hotline.

                • Solution

                  Complete smart community operation solution, perfect smart charging, power exchange system solution, rich face recognition hardware customization solution.

                • Inclusive

                  We listen to the opinions of every customer, open the platform, cooperate flexibly. We are willing to share resources and develop together with you.

                News Center

                Zhejiang Yusong Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to social responsibility and is driven by technological progress to create a smart life!