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                Identify machine | function preview

                Application: corporation attendance, hotels, Internet cafes,etc. Bound monitoring system deeply,discard the false and retain the true.

                1:1 fast comparison

                Realize identification by scanning documents and 1:1 quick comparison of face grabbing on the spot

                Multiple sizes available

                10.1 inch, 12 inch, 13.3 inch and double screen visitor identify machine

                Dynamic face detection

                Dynamic face detection based on video stream

                Non-inductive efficient recognition

                Implement non-inductive efficient recognition by tracking recognition algorithm.

                Compatible multiple scenes

                For corporation attendance, hotel ID checking, social security center ID card and visitor system identification, etc.

                Sophisticated design

                Sophisticated industrial design, easy to adapt to extreme occasions

                Face search

                For dynamic faces, specify a search in the face database to find the most similar face or faces, and give similarity scores.

                Live detection

                Offline/online live detection capability to determine whether the user is a real person, resist cheating attacks such as photos and molds

                Product Description

                Identify by scanning the document and capturing the face, 1:1 fast comparison. 10.1’, 12.1’, 13.3’ optional, can be applied to hotel visitor access, hotel self-service check-in system, social security center identification, etc.

                Desktop face recognition terminal

                1. Fulfill identification by scanning documents and capturing 1:1 face on the spot. 10.1 inch, 12 inch, 13.3 inch and double screen visitor ID checking, used for hotel identification, social security center identification, hotel Self-service check-in system, visitor system identification, etc.

                2. The hotel equipped with self-service system like self-service identity confirmation, self-service check-in and self-checkout.

                Face recognition precision marketing advertising system

                Set face recognition, remote information release in one, identify faces quickly, push advertisements accurately,scene strategy play, ad arrival rate statistic and focus on portraits of people, including gender, age, duration of attention, expressions, etc.