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                Hanging Access Control System | Feature Preview

                Application: community, institution, channel,etc. Identify dynamic faces effectively and quickly with precise accuracy.

                1:1/1:N verification

                Support face recognition 1:1/1:N verification

                1:1/1:N verification

                Support face recognition 1:1/1:N verification

                Binocular camera fusion

                Implement face anti-counterfeiting by wide dynamic binocular camera combines with advanced algorithms.

                Dynamic face detection

                Dynamic face detection based on video stream

                Non-inductive and efficient recognition

                Tracking recognition algorithm for non-inductive and efficient recognition

                Regional management

                Convenient regional management

                Public cloud, private cloud

                Support public cloud, private cloud, LAN multi-purpose deployment

                Commercial advertising

                Publish commercials through the B/S architecture management platform

                Product Description

                Wall-mounted face recognition access control, non-copyable, non-volatile,easy to carry, access directly after uploading , compatible with cards, 10.1 inch, 15.6-inch optional, can be embedded in commercials.

                Wall-mounted face recognition access control

                1. Support face recognition 1:1/1: N verification, IC/ID card recognition function, wide dynamic binocular camera fusion advanced algorithm to realize face anti-counterfeiting function

                2. Realizes non-inductive and efficient recognition through dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream , meets the design specifications of the access control industry , integrates permission setting and regional management, supports the deployment of public cloud, private cloud and LAN.etc multi-purpose deployment ;

                3.7 inch, 8 inch, 10.1 inch, 13.3 inch optional, available to release commercial advertisement through B/S architecture management platform

                Face recognition precision marketing advertising system

                Set face recognition, remote information release in one, identify faces quickly, push advertisements accurately,scene strategy play, ad arrival rate statistic and focus on portraits of people, including gender, age, duration of attention, expressions, etc.