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                Learn about Yusong Technology

                Development Path


                Zhejiang Yusong Technology was formally established


                Yusong Science and Technology Park(nearly 30,000 square meters) officially started construction


                The company launched self-service smart cabinet, a full set of software and hardware solutions


                The company establishes a smart community integrated platform, a smart logistics platform, and a smart healthcare platform.


                The company officially settled in Yusong Science and Technology Park


                The company officially listed on the New Third Board, stock code: [838356]


                Develop smart city platform, multiple government affair app (Huiju)


                “Xiaobanma” charging station with intelligent management platform officially launched in June 2017

                Photos of Yusong

                Yusong Technology Park

                The lobby

                Meeting room

                Outdoor tea room

                Office area

                Training room


                Production line

                Partial Patents Certifications

                Smart City Integrated Service Platform Software

                Smart City Comprehensive Service APP Android Edition Software

                Yusong Smart Community Service Platform Software

                Yusong Wisdom Community App

                Yusong Intelligent Delivery Cabinet System Software

                Yusong Intelligent Charging Management Platform Software

                Authoritative Qualification Certification

                High-tech Enterprise Certification

                Software Enterprise Certification

                Information System Integration and Service Level 3

                “Xiaobanma” the most competitive brand

                Technology Enterprise Certification

                Greentown Property Qualified Supplier

                Quality Management System Certification

                Production Safety Standard Certification