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                Intelligent | Convenient

                The “Xiaobanma” charging station can dock to the fire-fighting IoT platform, community APP, comprehensive management platform, etc. to provide relevant abnormal data, display supervision platform to government to implement intelligent and visualization of electric vehicle charging safety management.

                Abnormal Warning

                Early warning on battery charging abnormal

                Power-off Warning

                Early warning on faulty socket power-off

                Power-failure Memory

                Memory and continue charging on power-off accidentally within minutes.

                Setting freely

                Set maximum power freely

                Multiple Payment

                Wechat, Alipay, Card Swipe

                Power station navigation

                Navigate to nearby charging station with one button

                Remote recharge

                Available to remote recharge,no need to worry about power lacking.

                Remote meter reading

                Meter reading remotely through platform

                Intelligent Charging Cabinet

                “Xiaobanma” charging cabinet is a smart charging and replacing platform, which solves the problem of high-power safe charging and lithium-ion centralized charging. It apply to technology such as Internet of Things, safe intelligent charging technology, depth detection algorithm and GPS,etc to collect electric vehicles, batteries and operators in one integrated management platform.

                Intelligent Charging Cabinet for E-bike

                1. Enterprise was jointly initiated by Zhejiang “Thousand Talents Program” special experts with big data analysis, software hardware development, production and national service. It is also the only enterprise in the industry that uses big data deep detection algorithm technology to protect the safe charging.

                2.Instant-on protection, charging overload protection, lightning protection, leakage protection, high temperature warning, smoke protection, high power protection, self-stop upon fully charge, battery failure analysis and early warning.

                System architecture

                1. Intelligent control system: docking to government and property group supervision platform.

                2. Intelligent platform: fire warning, power monitoring, temperature alarm, battery failure alarm.

                3.Intelligent terminal: safe, easy to use, intelligent, one for N sockets.

                4. User terminal: safe, convenient, perfect user experience.

                Charging easier and safer

                1. Unique government and property group supervision platform.

                2.Dynamic and accurate self-stop upon fully charged, intelligent management of high-power batteries.

                3. Big data optimization charging program to protect the battery.

                4. The only company in the industry with big data analysis, software hardware development, production, and national service.

                More powerful features

                1.Safety: high temperature alarm | smoke alarm | overload protection | short circuit protection | leakage protection | self-stop on fully charged.

                2. Intelligent: battery abnormal warning | charger fault waning | power monitoring | power failure memory | power freely setting.

                3. Convenient: WeChat, Alipay payment | power station navigation | diverse billing | remote charging renewal charge.

                Smart Butler of Charging

                The whole process of intelligent charging for electric vehicle,eliminates the unnecessary cumbersome, safe and convenient.

                • Scan, charge directly

                  Support WeChat, Alipay, card swiping,QR scan payment method

                  Charge by time/ by electricity amount, both available

                  Meter reading automatically ,settlement automatically

                • Position Automatically One-button Navigation

                  Automatically recommend the nearest charging station to your location

                  Support map navigation and get you to the destination quickly

                • Safe Charging Early Warning on Failure

                  High temperature alarm, overload protection, leakage protection

                  Abnormal power failure,cut-off on idle, high power protection

                • Remote operation

                  Check the charging progress remotely

                  Remote control charging start, end, abnormal notification, etc.

                • Power detection Self-stop upon fully charged

                  Real time view charging current and voltage monitoring

                  Abnormal power failure, self-stop upon fully charged

                • Charging record

                  Check charging records and billing details anytime, anywhere

                  Query historical bills without missing any details


                Effectively respond to various charging anomalies, ensuring safe and worry-free charging throughout the entire process

                High temperature alarm

                Self-stop upon fully charged

                Real-time networking

                Leakage Protection

                Short circuit protection

                AC lightning protection

                Over voltage and over current protection

                Over voltage and over current protection

                0 current upon idle loading

                Overload protection

                Smoke alarm

                Cut-off upon idle loading

                Cooperation Partners

                Installation Cases

                Charging “Xiaobanma” has been installed in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan and other provinces with more than 10,000 sets in 2019, which has bringing safe and convenient charging experience to 300 million owners nationwide.